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Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Incorporating direct mail in your marketing campaign may require you to defend your business regularly. Youll most likely defend it from those who say that direct mail marketing is already dead, or that they dont want to purchase your products through mail.

Undeniably, technology changed the way an entrepreneur markets his business. However, keep in mind that direct mail is not entirely useless. In fact, the technology nowadays further enhanced the power of direct mail to attract attention. Its still powerful when it comes to generating leads, encouraging your target audience to visit your website, or persuading them to buy from you.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider using this offline marketing technique to make your business survive in the competitive business industry:

1. Higher guarantee of reaching your target audience With direct mail, youre using the actual mailing addresses of your target audience. This means that there is a hundred percent guarantee that the mail will reach them. This does not always happen with emails. Some people have several e-mail addresses. Youll never know which one of these theyll check regularly. Direct mail, however, will reach their specific address. Theres also a lower chance they will ignore it, since its right at their doorstep.

2. Easy to customize Its easier to attract someones attention if they see their name on it. Direct mail marketing allows you to do just that by personalizing each piece of mail. Make sure to put the actual name of the recipient on the mail. While its true that youll need to spend more by personalizing each mail, youll eventually get it back once you earn new sales and generate new customers. Note that people are more likely respond positively to personalized ads than to the generic ones sent through e-mail.

3. Less competition If you think of all the ads that you see on TV, hear on radio, pop up online, or that are delivered through your e-mail box, youll instantly notice how tough the competition is online. Think about how many ads will compete against yours if you choose to advertise through these media only. Now, think of direct mail marketing. In comparison to other forms of marketing, the number of direct mails people receive each day is lower. This means that this approach has less competition, so its easier for you to get noticed.

4. Promotes trust and loyalty The advancement in technology also comes with it a rising concern for privacy. People are concerned about getting hacked, or about their identity getting stolen. This is the main reason why many are doubtful about the validity of electronic communication. Scams are also increasing in number, so e-mails will often be ignored.

This is never the case with direct mail. With this offline marketing technique, you get the chance to attach anything you want without causing alarm to the recipient. For instance, you may include a freebie in the mail. The recipient will most likely see it as an added bonus, instead of a source of alarm. That said, expect the public to trust direct mail more than a suspicious e-mail.

With these four reasons, youll no longer constantly ask yourself Why use direct mail marketing. With this marketing approach, it will be easier for you to tap your target audience and make the most of your marketing campaign.

Self-employed Tax Tips

If you are a person that is self-employed or maybe you know someone that is self-employed, then this post may be beneficial for you or someone you know. It is important to understand that CPAs are great people that often have several clients and because they are human, they may even forget to add a deduction or two so, it is in anyones best interest to understand at least a few of their options so they can at least be sure theyre receiving a few of the benefits of being self-employed. Always remember that you are responsible for your tax return and that is why your signature is needed.

Self-Employment Tax Deduction is a great deduction. Here is how it works, when your employed for yourself, your tax are 15.3% and must be paid by all those that work for self, 2.9% are the Social Security tax that is comprised from Medicare and social security taxes which is 1%. If you are a person that works for a company then you get a W2 and your employer pays ½ of your Social Security tax which is 7.65% and if you think about it this alone acts as a reason to not be self-employed. To be able to compete with this the IRS lets you adjust your gross income by half of your self-employment tax.

There are deductions for Health Insurance. Your income tax can be reduced with this deduction but not your self-employment tax. If you are one of those people that paid for your own health insurance you can deduct the premium as long as you didnt receive a W2 or you werent in a group health plan that maybe a spouse has through their job. In order to figure out what your deduction will be you will need to subtract 50% of your income earned from self-employment tax, deduct any contributions made to an IRA and whatever is left is your deduction for. In simpler terms, if after you have totaled up everything and you made $2500 but your yearly premium was $3000 then you can deduct the entire $2500.

Any office equipment that you have bought for your office can be used as a deduction. Now, over time we know that these depreciate but you should take advantage of the deduction and that is up to $250,000 a year in equipment. Keep all of your receipts for any equipment that you have purchased.

Most self-employed businesses have to network and go to meetings and other things of this sort and because of that these things can be used as a deduction as well. You are able to subtract up to 50% of your entertainment and meals as long as they were made for the purpose of business. Always, always keep your receipts and records of the whys and whens in the event that you are ever audited.

Hopefully you find these self-employed tax tips beneficial to you and always remember to keep all your receipts.

How To Solve The Biggest Problems With A Leadership Coach

People face challenges every day. Some are minor in nature; some can be humongous. Some are short-lived; most are for a long-term period. Some can be resolved quickly; others need complex study. Some needs independent decision-making; others need team brainstorming.

Leaders often face the biggest problems as they have large shoes to fill in. However, there are instances when these problems are not problems to be solved but are tensions that require to be managed. Leaders should be able to delineate if it is a problem to be solved or a tension to be managed.

This dilemma might be quite new to some leaders. Often, these challenges are time-bounded. Some require a quick fix, a defined ending, and a simple resolution to the situation. Examples shown at coachingconnector include resolving a technical issue, apologizing to a client for a misunderstanding, delegating tasks to other responsible people to beat a deadline, and others.

Unfortunately, there are challenges that seem to have a moment of uncertainty and will not have an ending. These problems are tensions to be managed. These include cases like having personality conflicts with unlikable colleagues, the perennial problem of diminishing budgets, hitting the quota, and seeking new businesses, periods of uncertainty like will the deal be closed with the new prospect or if a person will obtain his well-deserved promotion. In addition to that, it also includes having a permanent illness or injury.

Having a leadership coach can enhance and assist leaders to be able to solve the biggest problems through managing these tensions. A leadership coach can help leaders overcome negative self-talk. Leaders sometimes are not exempted with questions like the what if or why is this happening to me and imagine all situations that are all negative. Leaders sometimes assume assumptions as truths. Leaders often are overwhelmed with the situation that results in a decreased focus on their priorities.

People are programmed to find solutions to problems. A leadership coach can assist in cases where there is not clear solution, but rather situations that are just tensions that need to be managed by walking through the following steps:

Identify and acknowledge the tension.
Identifying and acknowledging the tension prevents leaders from being emotional and to keep an objective and not subjective perspective on the situation. These speeches include: I have observed that I am hyper-focusing on the possibilities of going wrong. Or I think I am over analyzing the situation.

Redirect the focus.
Shift the focus on what are the things that are going correctly and replace with positive self-talk. Examples are : This delayed response of the client does not mean that he will not close the deal. I have done all the necessary requirements and it is time for me to shift and look at other priorities and not be consumed with things I cannot control. It is also possible that a person might have relationship issues. I am thankful that I have this challenging issue regarding relationships. It helps me to grow my leadership skills.

Focus on what can be controlled.
The only thing that leaders can have absolute control is their own attitude and perspective. It might be that a colleague has a relationship issue. A leader can have this self-talk: I will assume that this co-worker is under a lot of pressure nowadays and is not capable of being as kind as he should be. I will let go of this situation. Or, if the person is a subordinate, it can be like this: I will have a non-confrontational meeting with my worker and will talk with her about expectations and resources that she needs to go through the job. Indeed, a leadership coach can help leaders solve the biggest problems through these steps.

Solve A Google Penalty Duplicate Content Penalty - The Truth

The reality of the Google copy content punishment is essential that there is none! On the off chance that that confounds you, then you have been perusing an excessive number of deceived discussions or online journals where individuals get stuck on some prevalent term that they have no clue what it means, and afterward, proclaim to be specialists.

The main specialists on the Google copy content punishment and the main individuals who are qualified to characterize it are Google, and in Google's words "There is no such thing as a copy content punishment". This comes specifically from Google's Webmaster Central Blog.

That ought to be the end of this article, at accurately 96 words barring title as I characterize my statement number. It is not. Why? Since despite the fact that this online journal is worked by Google, and even thought much the same had been expressed by Matt Cutts, Google's principle programming engineer, and other Google specialists, individuals still contend and gripe about solving a google penalty, or as the Dutch would say "oplossen van een google penalty", 'copy content punishment.'

So here is reality: you may request that who am I know reality. However I read all the Google online journals and their official proclamations, and in applying what I realize I accomplish phenomenal results for my site pages on Google internet searcher postings: and those of Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. So I am originating from a sound base that my outcomes can demonstrate.

As an expert article author whose clients trust to get them the best results from the articles I keep in touch with, I must be extremely mindful of the arrangements and the way the calculations work of each of the real web search tools, thus I am qualified as anyone to remark on myths, for example, this.

If Google identifies a few website pages were offering the very same substance, its calculations will choose what best offers the data required and list that. It may likewise show maybe a couple of different pages offering the very same substance if there are great purposes behind it doing as such (e.g. more connections to other pertinent sites, more other significant pages on the space, etc.).

Thus, not all copy content pages will be declined a posting. If these copies are articles, then the calculations that the arachnids carry on their backs will take the connections from these items into thought, the power of the registry on which it is distributed, and different elements, before choosing which ought to be recorded. It isn't right to trust that this choice has a sequential variable, at the same time, in the event that you incorporate a connection in your article Resource segment to your site page that contains the same article, then your page is at risk to be recorded over the others, somewhat in light of a more prominent number of connections back to it from alternate duplicates, and incompletely on the grounds that your whole site is at risk to be more significant than these others to data being looked for by Google's client.

This is not on account of yours was made, to begin with, but rather in light of the fact that it better meets Google's measure for definitive back-connections. Be that as it may, if whatever is left of your site is not similarly legitimate, your page may be recorded behind another with the same substance or even not recorded by any stretch of the imagination.

Every one of this is planned by Google so that its client is offered the most applicable scope of results to the catchphrases they utilized. That is what Google is going after, is its definitive target. Google won't punish any individual or any site for distributed what you allude to as 'copy substance', and it will think about your adaptation for production pretty much as some other variant.

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Make Your Flyers Relevant In The Digital Era

We now live in a world that is saturated with everything digital, from mobile phones to PCs, to laptops and tablets, and various social media platforms. You cannot forget interactive ads on YouTube, or those impressive websites that have leveled up in terms of layout and CSS codes.

Still, the world hasnt let go of printed materials just yet. The business of commercial printing isnt dead either. In fact, it has boomed just as digital and online marketing have taken the world by storm. The competition is tough, and the best that you can do is to make your printed marketing tools just as relevant as digital ones.

Flyers, for instant, have a visual impact on customers. They build the brand, and help customers become more familiar with a product. Like a poster, they can pack on details and a call-to-action in minutes. If done right, clients can digest everything in three seconds and choose to buy right then and there.

Printed flyers can work for busy clients. However, there are matters that you need to work on to make your flyer more relevant in these times.

One example is choosing an eye-catching design for your flyers. Doing so generates interest and gives people the wow factor. You can do those fantastic layouts and designs through illustration software such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.

Next, balance out text and photos. Too much text makes your flyer an eyesore, while the lack of photos leaves a feeling of incompleteness, like there was a lot of white space wasted.

The font style you choose matters too. You can have an elegant script or the no-nonsense sans serif.

The colors you choose for your flyers also say something about your brand. Think of colors as symbolism. Pastel colors emit a light mood, while dark colors evoke a dark mood as well. You can choose to be neutral with black and white, though this is already too common for flyers. At least create complements and contrasts with hues. Mix and match the colors that will best communicate your message and your brand.

More importantly, write engaging content. Customers need to know about your company and what you are offering. The flyer has limited space, so instead of cramming in all the text, choose your words carefully and use your skill to deliver a concise image of your brand. At this point, you should be able to pitch the product or service to your clients.

If possible, think of something that online marketing doesnt have, and invest in that. One of these is your presence. With online marketing, anybody can just send you emails and newsletters, and clients may never know whos hiding behind that email address.

The edge of flyers, is the personal client-business person relationship, as you pass out flyers and talk to clients. For some people, talking directly to the proprietor is an important facet of any business.