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Online Vs. Offline Marketing And How It Can Help Your Business

As advertising on the internet is called Online Marketing, traditional advertising is now referred to as Offline Marketing. But what Is online vs offline marketing all about?

Why has this topic caused a heated debate among marketers? Which type of marketing really is effective? Read on to learn more about them, so you can decide which one works best for your business.

Traditional advertising has been around for decades, and one of the oldest mediums is the newspaper, which is printed material. The other mediums, which are also printed materials, are brochures and newsletters.

Some of the recent advertising methods are radio and TV ads, direct mail marketing, flyers, postcards, and catalogs, and of course, telemarketing. Flyers, postcards, and catalogs are also printed materials and they are produced by a publisher or a professional printer. Todays publishers or printers use modern printing machines for quick delivery on small orders, but they still rely on traditional offset printing machines for larger orders.

Traditional approaches to marketing have long been proven to be effective and have high success rates. Why? Because nothing beats a sincere face-to-face conversation, which is why this marketing method is still widely used in some successful businesses today.

Online marketing, on the other hand, is where we get all the innovative marketing efforts that are all focused on the Internet, by way of electronic devices. You probably know them already--they are social media networking, email marketing, content marketing, banner ads, Google ads (including AdWords), video marketing, and so on.

Now, are these cost efficient? Absolutely! And the best part about these marketing methods is that theyre able to reach audiences in any part of the world, as long as theres an Internet connection.

But do you need to use both these methods of marketing? The answer is a big NO! You absolutely don't need to. What you need to do instead, is to find out whats most effective for your business, and this is determined by the type of business that you have. So what exactly does this mean? Well, it's choosing the medium thats obviously more cost-effective for you -- the one that's easier to implement, and can get you faster results. Pick a strategy that's got better reach and that can target your exact audience.


Whatever decision you come up with in choosing which marketing methods to use, you have to consider that online marketing strategies matter and theyre all important, so theres no reason to stop them. But you might also want to use some offline marketing methods like direct mail, because people are still checking their mail boxes, and theyre still buying newspapers.

Try to find some real people to talk to. Try to find some local opportunities to network, to give talks, to do a sponsorship, and to connect with people because they are bound to say yes at some point. They're more likely to say yes when you're talking to them face to face.

Why You Should Use Direct Mail Marketing?

Incorporating direct mail in your marketing campaign may require you to defend your business regularly. Youll most likely defend it from those who say that direct mail marketing is already dead, or that they dont want to purchase your products through mail.

Undeniably, technology changed the way an entrepreneur markets his business. However, keep in mind that direct mail is not entirely useless. In fact, the technology nowadays further enhanced the power of direct mail to attract attention. Its still powerful when it comes to generating leads, encouraging your target audience to visit your website, or persuading them to buy from you.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider using this offline marketing technique to make your business survive in the competitive business industry:

1. Higher guarantee of reaching your target audience With direct mail, youre using the actual mailing addresses of your target audience. This means that there is a hundred percent guarantee that the mail will reach them. This does not always happen with emails. Some people have several e-mail addresses. Youll never know which one of these theyll check regularly. Direct mail, however, will reach their specific address. Theres also a lower chance they will ignore it, since its right at their doorstep.

2. Easy to customize Its easier to attract someones attention if they see their name on it. Direct mail marketing allows you to do just that by personalizing each piece of mail. Make sure to put the actual name of the recipient on the mail. While its true that youll need to spend more by personalizing each mail, youll eventually get it back once you earn new sales and generate new customers. Note that people are more likely respond positively to personalized ads than to the generic ones sent through e-mail.

3. Less competition If you think of all the ads that you see on TV, hear on radio, pop up online, or that are delivered through your e-mail box, youll instantly notice how tough the competition is online. Think about how many ads will compete against yours if you choose to advertise through these media only. Now, think of direct mail marketing. In comparison to other forms of marketing, the number of direct mails people receive each day is lower. This means that this approach has less competition, so its easier for you to get noticed.

4. Promotes trust and loyalty The advancement in technology also comes with it a rising concern for privacy. People are concerned about getting hacked, or about their identity getting stolen. This is the main reason why many are doubtful about the validity of electronic communication. Scams are also increasing in number, so e-mails will often be ignored.

This is never the case with direct mail. With this offline marketing technique, you get the chance to attach anything you want without causing alarm to the recipient. For instance, you may include a freebie in the mail. The recipient will most likely see it as an added bonus, instead of a source of alarm. That said, expect the public to trust direct mail more than a suspicious e-mail.

With these four reasons, youll no longer constantly ask yourself Why use direct mail marketing. With this marketing approach, it will be easier for you to tap your target audience and make the most of your marketing campaign.

Make Your Flyers Relevant In The Digital Era

We now live in a world that is saturated with everything digital, from mobile phones to PCs, to laptops and tablets, and various social media platforms. You cannot forget interactive ads on YouTube, or those impressive websites that have leveled up in terms of layout and CSS codes.

Still, the world hasnt let go of printed materials just yet. The business of commercial printing isnt dead either. In fact, it has boomed just as digital and online marketing have taken the world by storm. The competition is tough, and the best that you can do is to make your printed marketing tools just as relevant as digital ones.

Flyers, for instant, have a visual impact on customers. They build the brand, and help customers become more familiar with a product. Like a poster, they can pack on details and a call-to-action in minutes. If done right, clients can digest everything in three seconds and choose to buy right then and there.

Printed flyers can work for busy clients. However, there are matters that you need to work on to make your flyer more relevant in these times.

One example is choosing an eye-catching design for your flyers. Doing so generates interest and gives people the wow factor. You can do those fantastic layouts and designs through illustration software such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign.

Next, balance out text and photos. Too much text makes your flyer an eyesore, while the lack of photos leaves a feeling of incompleteness, like there was a lot of white space wasted.

The font style you choose matters too. You can have an elegant script or the no-nonsense sans serif.

The colors you choose for your flyers also say something about your brand. Think of colors as symbolism. Pastel colors emit a light mood, while dark colors evoke a dark mood as well. You can choose to be neutral with black and white, though this is already too common for flyers. At least create complements and contrasts with hues. Mix and match the colors that will best communicate your message and your brand.

More importantly, write engaging content. Customers need to know about your company and what you are offering. The flyer has limited space, so instead of cramming in all the text, choose your words carefully and use your skill to deliver a concise image of your brand. At this point, you should be able to pitch the product or service to your clients.

If possible, think of something that online marketing doesnt have, and invest in that. One of these is your presence. With online marketing, anybody can just send you emails and newsletters, and clients may never know whos hiding behind that email address.

The edge of flyers, is the personal client-business person relationship, as you pass out flyers and talk to clients. For some people, talking directly to the proprietor is an important facet of any business.

4 Reasons Why The Best Human Signs Work Wonders For Grabbing Customer Attention Effortlessly

The idea of employing people for advertising businesses, whether large or small, has been quite an age old concept but it has witnessed huge advancements and growth in the recent years. In fact, a large number of products and services, including retail stores, furniture showrooms, restaurants, small shops, beauty ranges, tax businesses, and much more have opted for human signs as their marketing mode in the year 2016. The reasons behind the same is the controlled marketing costs and a personalized approach to spreading your word. Here are 4 reasons why human signs work wonders for grabbing customer attention.

Quick and Easy Designing

Involving humans for advertising doesn't call for a great deal of effort and time in terms of ad creation or installation. In fact, the leading companies take just a matter of few minutes for designing your campaigns, followed by assigning an expert spinner to take your ads on the streets. This makes the whole process of marketing an effortless affair, while also cutting the hassle of buying advertising space at the same time. You can go for your own designs, or take professional assistance for the sign creation if you are looking for more refined and effective results.

Immense Flexibility

Providing people with all the key information they need in a quick glimpse, the best human signs make sure the passerby and the drivers can see the advertisement with utmost ease. This involves great flexibility, and unlike, traditional signboards, the walker may even change their location from place to another, maximizing the customer reach. Also, they can adjust themselves in order to cater to people's demands, whether it's changing the message quickly or modifying the verbal styles of promotion.

Human Signs Are Highly Noticeable

Performing interesting stunts and flipping attractive signboards, human signs are immediately recognizable. Whether it's the dancing or other stunts, human signs make it so effortless to grab the crowd's attention to the concerned advertisement. Those skilled professionals and staff members are dedicated to spinning signs round the day and coming out to fruitful locations, thereby making sure a brand hits all the right notes with their marketing methods.

Inexpensive Advertising

Considering even the smallest marketing budgets in mind, human signs range from as low as $5 to $10000. It doesn't always need to be too luxurious, and a simple poster board sign can be displayed by the walkers with great efficiency. In fact, it counts as one of the most budget-friendly modes of marketing available out there.

How To Get The Perfect Catalogue Together With Sales Brochure Printing Companies

If you have got a company or a business, it is most likely that you may need a catalogue or brochures to tell prospective and also existing customers the details of your corporation along with the services you offer. You could also require pamphlets for a new product or service you could be launching. How will you ensure you get the best brochure and catalogue producing solutions? Here are some ideas.

Authenticity To begin with, definitely make certain that there're an experienced brochure printing company. If they're not a reputable service, with virtually no experience of what you want to produce, you may not be able to get any sort of lawful aid should a mishap take place. Apart from that, any printing company which is a part of a professional organisation have a higher quality of work, because their personnel are going to be most likely trained thoroughly

Experience. It is essential that you go for a printer that has been in the industry for a few years. This will mean that they know the actual printing business along with what types of procedures they have to undertake in terms of good quality as well as generation. They will also be able to give you advice around the type of brochures that'll be equipped to attract prospective customers and also the formatting in order to produce them properly.

Costs. It is best to go for a business that does not have too high and / or way too low costs. Price ranges that are too low could mean that materials used have low quality. This could possibly cause you to lose your customer base. You must however not imagine that high costs automatically imply you will get quality work. Always select a price tag that matches your budget, but consider as much as possible.

Guaranteed Superior Quality Work. Since the production of the actual catalogues and also brochures are what's going to make people understand exactly what your business is about, you should always be certain you can get the very best work. Question the provider you select, to give you a list of earlier work they have undertaken. Utilize this to guide and assist you with your decision. Don't go with a printer which doesn't offer warranties.

Capacity To Adhere to Directions. If you need a particular number of catalogues and / or brochures printed then it is precisely what you ought to get. Go for a service which don't either overprint or produce fewer than needed. This stops you from having any kind of misunderstanding. They should also be able to counsel you over the very best material for the production.

It isn't difficult to get yourself a printer. You can search for starters on the internet and inquire if they've got things you need. You should consider asking associates and / or co-workers who have had to get a catalog and / or brochure printed to suggest just who they worked with.

What Are Lapel Pins?

As the name implies, lapel pins are small brooches that are worn on the front folded parts of a formal jacket or coat. These could be worn purely for aesthetic or to identify the organization that a person is affiliated with. These pins are used everywhere â schools, businesses, and as souvenirs. Businesses would award these pins to star employees and large convention could sell pins in the shape and design of a particular fandom. Pin collecting has become a popular hobby, with demanded designs ranging from logos of famous organizations to cartoon characters from TV shows or movies. Making Pins

The process of making lapel pins hasnât changed much over the years, with many companies still following the same old processes (albeit more polished and automated) used by their predecessors. 1. Design â pin design are usually hand drawn digitally or on paper. When the artist finishes the design, he transfers it to a mechanical sheet and measures the dimensions of each part. 2. Molding and soldering â when production starts, the material needed to make the lapel pin (usually a form of metal or enamel) is melted and molded to form the desired design. The different molded parts are then cut and sent to be soldered together. 3. Plating and polishing â after soldering, the pins are dipped into plating liquid (the length of time depends on the quality of plating). After theyâve been dried, the pins are then polished to a shine. 4. Coloring and cleaning â Enamel paints are usually used to add color to the pins. They must be applied carefully, because if a color bleeds into another, itâs nearly impossible to remove. When the color dries, the pins are given a cleaning and then bake in an oven for a few minutes. 5. Coating â the pins are then coated with epoxy to seal the enamel colors.

Types of Clasps

Besides the design, there are actually many different types of clasps that are used to keep the lapel pins in place. ⢠Butterfly clasp â the most common, the butterfly clasp is distinguished by the two prongs that could be squeezed together to release the pin. ⢠Jewelry clutch â this is similar to the tack that keeps a stud earring in place. ⢠Safety clasp â many button pins and brooches have this type of clasp. The sharp pin is tucked under a hook to keep the pin in place. ⢠Stick pin â this type of pin has the design on one end of a long needle, and the sharp end on the other, which is covered by a rounded collar.